The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2013 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Beverage Social Media Campaign

Gatorade was shut out of the 2012 Olympics. Even though G sponsored and fueled 12 of Team USAs fiercest competitors, restrictions prevented those athletes from holding, drinking or even talking about Gatorade for nearly two months. For the two weeks leading up to the Olympics, we leveraged G social channels to start a conversation with our core audience that would continue throughout the summer. We enlisted 12 G athletes to help us seed 12 missions. In each mission, pros shared personal accounts of struggle and success, and then challenged followers to respond with photos and stories showing what drives, inspires and fuels them to #WinFromWithin. Throughout the Olympics, the most passionate and inspiring user submissions were continuously reposted, re-tweeted and eventually cut into a music video for Gatorade followers to discover and share. The campaign gained results by simply empowering our audience with the voice of the brand. Too often brands talk to audiences instead of listen. By giving them the platform to showcase the instinctual desire of competition that drives athletes, we unlocked a key insight. Teen athletes are peer driven and when you're in a world of score or be scored on, this audience showed us their desire to win at all costs. We let the voice of the teens speak for the brand. The results showed massive ripple affects. In just two weeks the campaign generated: 11 million social impressions 1,400 photo submissions 15,000 uses of #WinFromWithin 38,000 interactions within brand channels 81,365 new Facebook fans 4,015 new Twitter followers 5,050 new Instagram followers


Cheif Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven
Group Creative Director: Tony Snethen
Creative Director: Nick Allegri
Creative Director: Aaron Weidner
Associate Creative Director: Gary Schroer
Senior Copywriter: Jonathan Vigliaturo
Art Director: Rob Kaszuba
Art Director: Alison Radke Branham
Art Director: Katelyn Carson
Associate Art Director: Justin Bell


Location: USA