The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Family Online Newsletter Campaign

Audience: Established in 2007 KidStyleFile's key audience / demographic base are women with children aged 0-12 looking to buy niche children fashion, design and accessory products. In addition they also seek ideas re family activity based entertainment, travel and food.

Goal of advertisement / campaign: The weekly newsletter has been redesigned to increase reader engagement and click through to the main site. The new version allows for a "snapshot" of all that has happened on the site the previous week and previews for the coming week.

We have seen a significant (up to 86% on an individual week basis) by utilizing an image based medium. In addition to this our click through rate to the main site (and on to our advertiser's) has also seen a substantial improvement.

Published weekly to approximately 20000+ subscribers. Created in house.


Managing Editor: Dina McNair
Digital Development and Strategy: Andrew McNair



Location: NSW Australia

About the Agency:

Established in 2007 KidStyleFile is a masthead owned by TheStyleFileNetwork. One of the most loved kids and family based sites in Australia, our readership extends worldwide following the large expatriate trail. Our sites (KidStyleFile and HomeStyleFile) are predominately targeting discerning female consumers looking for niche fashion, design and family based products and services.