The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Energy Website provides 24/7 information to customers in other power pools, and SPP’s 600 employees are constantly coordinating to keep all our lights on. The new website had to help that coordination effort by providing easy access to current grid data, an enhanced meeting module, and a responsive design that helps employees be effective both on the road and in the office. The new website not only accomplishes those goals but also has incredible performance. With a page size of 1.5 megabytes and a load time of 2.6 seconds, the site is a case study in web design that combines great aesthetics and photos without sacrificing speed. As SPP prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary, Aristotle is proud to give them an online tool that helps them continue their success.



Location: USA

About the Agency:

Aristotle has used results-driven online marketing to help businesses grow since 1995. With clients around the globe, Aristotle continues to create new strategies for developing innovative interactive and premium web services and for conquering emerging technologies and new communication channels. We offer a vast array of services, from professional search engine marketing, social media management and website design to application development, domain hosting and wireless broadband access.