The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2010 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Financial Services Online Campaign

FreeScore was launched in July 2009 to provide consumers with immediate, unlimited access to their credit information, particularly their credit scores and credit reports from the three major credit bureaus in the country. FreeScore also offers its members a credit monitoring service and additional benefits to help consumers better manage their assets.

In addition to, which allows new members to enroll in the program and current members to log in, the full FreeScore campaign includes a variety of complementary sites and web assets designed to acquire new members, build brand awareness, and engage visitors through SEO and social media tactics:

• creates a multi-purpose portal for new and existing members to enroll and log in to the program, and also to find informative, search-optimized content on credit topics
• http://www.FreeScore.TV showcases FreeScore's television commercials, featuring Ben Stein and Filbert the Credit Squirrel
• challenges visitors to display their knowledge of credit scoring
• highlights real member testimonials and compares the FreeScore program to other services
• The FreeScore Facebook fan page and Credit Quiz apps create a social media presence — ADD URLS
• is where Filbert tweets credit news to his followers

The full FreeScore campaign creates a compelling, consumer-friendly web experience that helps consumers understand the complexities of the consumer credit world and offers them the tools and information they need to better track and manage their own credit behavior.


SVP, FreeScore: Jeff Paradise
VP, Marketing: Phil Sandler
Director, SEO: Nataliya Yakushev
Group Creative Director: Chris Varian
Creative Director: Brian Atad
Art Director: Chuck Eiler
Senior Copywriter: Joe Frango
Associate Copywriter: Katelyn Hayes
Director, Web Development: Paul La Valle
Again Mobile: Interactive Agency


Location: USA