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Best Music Website

Takamine has spent the last half-century masterfully crafting guitars. This site design highlights these world-class Takamine instruments while connecting with an audience of musicians and artistic personalities.

The design showcases Takamineís guitars and provides an easy way for users to view the arsenal of instruments and accessories. Equally important is the portrayal of the varying artists in their unique music-making setting. This is clear in the new "HWG" (Hardest Working Guitar) section, which features Artists You Know, Artists You Should Know, and Artists You Will Know. Though highlighting a wide range of individuals and performances, the Takamine guitars are always in the spotlight.

Overall, the design objective was to raise interest in the guitars and the artist stories behind them, getting users excited for another 50 years of exceptional guitar craftsmanship. To this end, Mineral initiated and produced a well-conceived photography storyline.


Creative Director: Aaron Shepard
President/CD: Lynne Haaland
Web Producer: Vijay Singh
Senior Programmer: Caroline Nuttal
Web & Production Designer: Sara Grant
Director of New Media: John Goodner
KMC Music, Inc. Producer: Scott LaChapelle


Location: USA