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Best Technology Website

Webopedia is the leading and most trusted reference and online community for technology definitions, how-to guides, reviews, practical tools and solutions for SOHO and Small Business IT professionals., ranked among's "Top 10 Most Useful Websites, 2011," is an online computer dictionary and Internet search engine for Internet terms and technical information. says of the site, "This is a truly useful resource for every computer user."

The website is maintained by a team of dedicated and experienced editors and freelance contributors, with a focus on high-quality useful content related to technology topics, including small business servers, mobile communications, ecommerce, hardware, operating systems, social media, business software, types of computers, the World Wide Web and much more.

As technology changes, so does the Webopedia term database. Editors frequently update tech definitions to reflect advances in technology and add definitions as new Internet and computing trends emerge, like cloud computing and the consumerization of IT (information technology).

Webopedia provides definitions and factual resources in easy-to-understand language and avoids the use of heavy tech jargon, so the site is accessible to an audience that ranges from newcomers to advanced SOHO and SMB IT implementers and buyers of IT products and services. According to, "Webopedia is a must for anyone who wants to understand the computer world."


Managing Editor: Vangie Beal
Website Producer: Louis M. Balenko


Location: USA