The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Restaurant Website

The Challenge:
Drive traffic to Quiznos through an online coupon promotion for their new Lobster Sub.

The Solution:
When we discovered the lobstering tradition of throwing back some of every catch to protect the lobster fishery (and bring good luck), that's when we discovered our solution: Quiznos would throw back some lobsters too. So we assembled a lobster tank, rescued our first lobster, named Larry, and streamed a live video feed to On the site, we gave visitors complete control. The more coupon downloads, Facebook "likes" and tweets we received, the more lobsters we rescued and sent home to the cold waters of Maine.

The average viewer spent 7 minutes watching the live stream
Total viewer minutes: 1.1 million
Average time on site: 7 minutes
Total streams: 170,000
Total coupon downloads, Facebook "likes" and tweets: 150,000
Same-store sales reached a 4-year high
Lobsters rescued: 4 (10 including stunt lobsters)
Miles traveled: 3000 + (From Maine to the Midwest and back again to Maine)


Cheif Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven
Group Creative Director: Travis McElhany
Creative Director : Kyle Taylor
Associate Creative Director : Derek Anderson
Senior Art Director : Travis Kleiner
Art Director : Eric Thompson
Associate Art Director : Chi Hiu Yim
Director of Branded Content : John Godsey
Integrated Production Supervisor : Scott Stone
Producer : Jason Calloway


Location: USA