The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2013 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Website

The Kansas City-based not-for-profit organization Higher M-Pact needed a new website to tell its story to the world and show how it transforms high-risk urban youth, the kids that society thinks are a hopeless cause, into the leaders of tomorrow. We brought the story to life through a unique home page that scrolls up instead of down, symbolizing how Higher M‑Pact raises hope for the youth. An intimate and emotional video showcases the kidsí powerful stories of transformation in their own words while the page mirrors their journey from dark to light as the user moves upward. The rest of the site tells the Higher M‑Pact story in greater detail while keeping the youth at the forefront to show the difference that Higher M‑Pact made in their lives. The new site gave the Higher M‑Pact organization an interactive and moving way to share its story with the world. Plus, the site and the built-in donation capabilities proved to be highly effective tools to increase fundraising, which empowers the organization to help even more urban youth become leaders for tomorrow.


Chief Creative Officer: Debbi Vandeven
Creative Director: Ryan Simonet
Group Creative Director: Dave Altis
Associate Creative Director: Ben Carmean
Art Director: Josh Eithun
Copywriter: Kevin Faddis
Producer: John Pace
Motion Graphics Designer: Drew Eldridge
Technical Director: Todd Greathouse
Account Director: Shali Wade


Location: USA