The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2013 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign

NOTE: Unfortunately, most of the elements of this campaign are no longer live for viewing online. So for judging purposes, we have created a case study video which features various campaign elements.

After positioning Rice Krispies as a recipe brand for several years, moms’ perception of Rice Krispies cereal began to shift. She believed that the cereal itself was sugary and sweet like Rice Krispies Treats, and not a simple, wholesome breakfast option. To change this perception, we wanted to remind mom of the simple goodness of Rice Krispies, and show her that the only cereal that talks can bring all kinds of fun moments to the breakfast table.

The work:
We asked moms to share those Moments That Snap, Crackle and Pop with us on Facebook, by uploading a photo of her child enjoying Rice Krispies for breakfast. Online media and Facebook Sponsored Stories drove moms to our Facebook page where they can view the gallery and upload their own photos. Each week, we chose three finalists, and let our fans vote for their favorite. Each vote could be shared within the news feed, bringing more awareness and ultimately engagement to the campaign. The photo with the most votes became the Rice Krispies Facebook page cover photo, and was featured on our mobile and desktop sites until a new favorite was chosen the following week.

Since launching on May 21, 2012 …
• Nearly a 940% increase in Likes (from 24,000 at launch to 225,000 as of 7/16)
• Volume of daily engaged users on Facebook is up 21,750%
• Moms have engaged with Rice Krispies content over 190,000 times since launch (vs. 2,200 pre-launch)
• Over 260 million total brand impressions generated

Engagement vs. the competition:
During the first month of the campaign, Rice Krispies had 18x more fan engagement than both Cheerios and Chex, both of which have three and six times the number Likes Rice Krispies has, respectively.



Location: USA