The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2013 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Entertainment Website

Set in the world of international espionage, “Hunted” follows an operative for an elite private intelligence firm who survives an attempt on her life that may have been orchestrated by her own team; when she returns to work, she doesn't know who to trust.

Using themes from the series to set the tone for the marketing launch, Cinemax unveiled an innovative tease campaign utilizing web, outdoor, PR, digital and social media platforms to engage the public.

Creating a uniquely immersive digital experience, Cinemax introduced the new series by taking users through stages of increasingly dark and complex recruitment exercises. Cinemax targeted upscale properties to invite users to explore Byzantium’s elite ideology, ‘We’re not for everyone. Just the 1% that matters.‘ in conjunction with the one-year anniversary of the “Occupy” movement.


Pam Levine: EVP, Marketing
Chris Spadaccini : SVP, Brand Marketing
Sabrina Caluori: VP, Social Media & Performance Marketing
Jason Mulderig: Director, Cinemax Brand Marketing
Adam Dubov: Director & Executive Producer
Jim Marsh: Director, Social Marketing
Kevin Pearce: Editorial Director
Scott Petts: Art Director
PHD: Media Agency
Campfire: Marketing Agency


Location: US