The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Food Industry Interactive Application, Best Of Show Interactive Application

To reach younger health-conscious consumers, we needed to demonstrate the nutritional benefits of Egg Beaters in an eye-opening way. Egg Beaters are a real-egg alternative with significantly fewer calories, less cholesterol, and less fat that their shell counterparts. We needed to demonstrate those nutritional benefits to younger growth market consumers in a way that would get their attention. Just comparing the nutritional difference of making the switch wasn’t enough. Instead, we wanted to calculate the exact nutritional difference and dramatically contextualize it into consumers’ lives. So, didn’t simply do the math; we brought to life how big and surprising the difference could be and how the benefits would increase over time. This “front door” to the website effectively drove increased benefit message retention and decreased barriers to product trial.


Chief Creative Officer: Lucas Peon
Executive Creative Director: Dave Maly
Senior Art Director: Eric Thompson
Copy Director: Adrea Beatty
Account Supervisor: Anne David
Systems Analysts: Todd Barker and Joel Rossol
Developers: Jason Alghussein and Jeremy Cox
EP and Producers: Betsy Hussey and Mike Gibboney
Measurement: Amanda Fleck
Strategic Planner: Nafeesa Shah


Location: USA