The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best B2b Mobile Application

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to boost their sustainability and cut costs. Solar energy has the power to do both, but the process of going from interested to invested can be a complicated.

That's where T3 came in. Our challenge was to make solar approachable for businesses by empowering them with the tools, resources and information to take that next step.

Our solution was to develop an interactive iPad app that shines light on every aspect of solar. Customers can learn how solar energy is captured and converted. They can explore case studies of NRG Solar projects around the globe and take a closer look at the technology implemented. They can also see estimates of the impact solar can have on the environment and their bottom line.

We took it even one step further. The backend we developed enables an NRG salesperson to interact with a user and create custom projects as well as highlight case studies relevant to a specific customer. This extra layer of functionality makes this a superior sales tool that gives NRG an advantage over other solar providers.

A market driven by innovation demands a forward-thinking, scalable sales tool that proves NRG can lead the solar revolution, and that's exactly what T3 delivered.


Chief Creative Officer: Jay Suhr
Creative Director: Denny Phillips
Sr. Art Director: Sarah Slate
Sr. Copywriter: Scott Youngblood
Art Director: Michael Beukema
Sr. Interactive Designer: Ty Getterman
Sr. Producer: Anjanette Houser
UX Designer: Kathy Hlavac
Group Account Director: John Ridgway
Director of Engineering: Ryan Ploetz



Location: Unites States of America