The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Website

We developed the “Not a Game” campaign – which included a microsite, petition, email series and a robust social media program – to expose the dark underbelly of this hugely popular sporting event – and to highlight the need for Americans to take a stand against human trafficking in general.

The fully responsive single page site was broken down into 4 frames that lead the user to our main goal: collecting constituent email addresses and growing client’s email list.

The background of the first frame is a football stadium lit up at night, and the dark colors and stark white text added to the overall feeling of both familiarity and hidden danger.

The viewer is first introduced to the site with a shocking statement: Sex trafficking is as American as football. Then the campaign logo appears; the outline of a child’s head evokes a sense of lost or missing children. Then the viewer is guided through an explanation of sex trafficking, its relation to the Super Bowl and the susceptibility of homeless kids.

One section is devoted to individual graphics depicting facts and statistics about sex trafficking as well as quotes from real victims. Each graphic was designed to relay the gritty, shocking truth about the exploitation of American children – and each graphic can be isolated and shared by the viewer via social media.

We further engaged viewers by including an embedded Care2 petition, a Thunderclap social media post and opportunities to share graphics from the site (or the site in its entirety) on social media.



Location: United States