The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2015 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Website

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF) is a global non-profit leader in raising awareness about primary immunodeficiency (PI). Their website property was hard to read and navigate, and used antiquated technology, making site updates difficult.

The overwhelming site experience was especially problematic for much of the site audience—parents of children with PI—who are often isolated, confused, and frustrated. The site also needed to accommodate a broad secondary audience of doctors, research scientists, and pharmaceutical companies.

Thus, it required something uplifting, welcoming, and informative that was also suitable for multiple audiences. Additionally, the site needed to be optimized for multiple devices, and content updates needed to be made easier.

To meet these challenges, the CDMi team developed a site full of personality and animations that could bring the rich and detailed content to life through the concept of a Global PI Village. The Village is complete with specific landmarks for each audience (eg, the Medical Academy for doctors, the Information Booth for patients/caregivers, etc), as well as a Village Mayor that guides users through the site.

The friendly and easy-to-navigate village creates a literal sense of community that addresses the core audience’s feelings of confusion and isolation. Additionally, the site is built adaptively (a responsive desktop/tablet experience with a unique mobile experience), ensuring an optimal site experience at any screen size.

Finally, the site is complete with a comprehensive CMS system that allows JMF to update their site with ease.


Associate Partner, Director of Interactive Marketing: Yvonne Lavender
Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director: John Deely
Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director: Simon Mason
Senior Project Manager: Jaclyn Van Deuren
Senior Illustrator, Art Buying: Bill Clifford
Art Supervisor: Greg Wong
Art Supervisor: Matt Nieri
Vice President, Copy Supervisor: Katie Alling
Senior Medical Copy Editor: Susan Finn


Location: USA