The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2015 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Movie Interactive Application, Best Of Show Interactive Application

For the premiere of Jupiter Ascending, Warner Bros. Pictures partnered with Thinkingbox to produce a multi-level WebGL game to support the film’s upcoming release. Following the storyline of the film, players interact as the main protagonist, Caine Wise, fighting a variety of enemies to save Jupiter Jones from the clutches of the ruthless Abrasax clan. With progressively difficult levels of the game pulled directly from scenes in the film, Caine’s Quest is a first-person shooter game where users have the unique option of using their mobile device as Caine's weapon by pairing with their desktop browser via WebSockets. Once paired, users fight enemies within the site by interacting on their device, tapping to shoot and reload, or blocking by tilting their device upwards to activate their shield. An end-of-game status report shows the user their results for each level, while a leaderboard shows their final position derived from the top 20 users who have played the game.




Location: Canada

About the Agency:

Thinkingbox is a leading creative and digital production studio with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. With expertise in creative design, digital development and experiential campaigns, they deliver award-winning work to a roster of global agencies brands.