The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Associations Website

The American Egg Board’s (AEB) Incredible, Edible Egg™ needed a new website just as “incredible” as its brand to target egg eaters and provide them with a more user-friendly, responsive site that streamlined navigation and made content discovery quick and easy, regardless of device. To achieve a more egg-cellent website experience, AEB partnered with Rise Interactive to scramble up a strategy to best reach its goals.

Rise first analyzed the brand’s existing website and found that recipes accounted for nearly half of all site visits. However, users were having to click through several pages – often as many as five clicks from the home page – to get to their desired recipes. Upon learning this, Rise identified an opportunity to enhance Incredible Egg’s recipe content by centering the website’s new design around it.

With the new design, most recipes were available within two clicks from the home page. Users can now access desired content more quickly and easily. Rise also created condensed recipe collection pages and implemented features to improve the site’s SEO, including filtering capabilities to help users when searching for recipes. With the elimination of confusing subcategories, users can now filter by such factors as popularity, cooking and preparation time, date, and rating. To ensure that users had an egg-cellent experience across platforms, Rise also performed extensive testing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices before launching the website. The end result was a “sunny side up” redesign for Incredible Egg.

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Director of Marketing Communications, American Egg Board: Serena Schaffner
Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, American Egg Board: Grace Sweeney
Director of Account Strategy, Rise Interactive: Irene Fogelson
Account Manager, Rise Interactive: Ali Golin
Director of CX, Rise Interactive: Lou Amodeo
Manager of Creative, Rise Interactive: Jean Zhang
Senior Copywriter & Content Marketer, Rise Interactive: Jorie Larsen
Associate Director of Search and Social Media, Rise Interactive: Justin Garvin
‎Web Strategist, Wojo: Kyle Deming


Location: USA