The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Hotel And Lodging Email Message

In October 2015, Marriott tempted their Marriott Rewards members with an escape to the Bahamas to boost reservations during the low season. 1.6 million Rewards members were given an exclusive offer to travel to Atlantis Resort, a large property made up of five hotels located on Paradise Island in Nassau. To ensure that their Rewards members received an offer that truly spoke to them, Marriott created individual messages for five different segments. These segments, made up of members with families, members with a high number of redemption points and several segments of high value members, received an email with images, content, and an offer that was uniquely appealing to each. For example, members with enough redemption points were encouraged to use them to book at Atlantis and members with children were enticed with details on the family friendly fun at the resort and a subject line that was dynamically updated with the current temperature in the Bahamas. By moving towards an updated segmentation strategy and providing unique designs and offers, Marriott saw impressive improvements in bookings-per-delivered-email over previous programs for the Atlantis property.


SVP Worldwide Creative Director: Matt Caldwell
Creative Director, Copy: Jess Moss
Content Director: Jen Tabbal
Sr. Email Designer: Danielle McNamara
Content Manager: Shannon Morgan
Account Director: Edan Lisk
Account Manager: Diana Strandberg
Email Manager: Ravi Rao
Web Production Developer: Brandon Scheiner
Web Production Developer: Patrick Hobbs


Location: USA