The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Online Video

ONE+K was engaged by game publisher Deep Silver to develop a full 360º marketing campaign for Homefront: The Revolution including a complete brand strategy & marketing plan, new website and native app, online banners, social media content strategy, multiple gameplay trailers, and a large budget tentpole CG trailer asset for the campaign re-launch. ONE+K was tasked with creating a cinematic photo-real computer-generated trailer that would distinguish the title amidst the many other high profile first-person shooters in the marketplace and generate excitement for the upcoming release of Homefront: The Revolution. Rather than focus on the high-tech / super soldier marketing currently featured in most FPS video games, ONE+K placed the emphasis on a young boy who is forced to read a speech "thanking" his oppressors for their occupation in America. His words, however, illustrate a very different meaning for the people who begin to fight back and reclaim their city.


Creative Director, ONE+K: Mike Gottschalk
Executive Producer/Co-Writer, ONE+K: Jonathan Clark
Writer, ONE+K: Dave Carr
Studio Manager, Plastic Wax: Matt Dignam


Location: USA

About the Agency:

ONE+K, a subsidiary of the digital agency space150, is a full-service creative agency that helps companies engage and interact with customers. We develop campaigns, products and experiences that integrate the best of Film & TV, Game Console, Web, Mobile, Social, Live Event and other media channels. We are creatives, strategists, technologists and industry specialists who have come together to dream up and create the next big things.