The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2011 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Beverage Social Media Campaign, Best Of Show Social Media Campaign

The creative concept was simple, take an every day, uneventful and routine human interaction and transform it into a surprising, happy event that lights up the moment. This wasn’t aimed at being a “lottery win” type of event; it was a simple, innocent and joyful interaction that was unexpected. St. John’s, a strong partner of Coca-Cola was chosen as the final location to shoot the video. Once the location was established, an existing Coke vending machine was obtained and the inside was gutted. The vending machine was fitted with cameras and the ability to dispense more than just Coke. This seemingly typical Coke machine was then set in the middle of the college campus cafeteria. The machine, with the affordable purchase of $1, surprised customers with an array of Coke beverage treats, flowers, pizzas, twelve-foot hero sandwiches and sunglasses to elicit hysterical responses from the student body and deliver “doses of happiness” in the process. While the students quickly figured out that something unusual was going on with the magical Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine,” all of the reactions were unscripted. The 2 day filming, which took place at the beginning of exams, offered a chance for the kids to relax and enjoy the fun. One of the best parts of the filming was the generosity of the students as they offered the surplus Coke and food to their friends. Everyone was sharing the happiness.


Account Director: Blakely Blalock
Director: Paul Iannacchino, Jr.
Producer: Todd Morris
DP: Sean Donnelly
Set Director: Ni Ni Than
Prop Builder: Mike Myers
Editor: Pat Carpenter
Edit Assist: Pieter ven den Berg
Audio: Mike Barrett/Juan Sosa
Post Producer: Lisa Miller


Location: USA