The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2011 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.

41? 29!

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Outstanding Online Video

Tekirdag Raki is an alcoholic beverage which is specially produced for consumers who are more after the fine tastes, who do not blindly follow the majority’s practice. People who think that they are self confident to make their own choices, giving importance to quality and value (and up to an extent they are ready to pay the price for it).

The elders knew that Tekirdag was “the authentic raki” however the younger wasn’t aware of the story.

Thus, Tekirdag Raki wanted to rebuild consumer connection, arouse awareness and increase sales volume and market share with a legendary story.

The best way to tell this legendary story was a well designed motion graphics that has a vintage look and feel. This vintage look would let audience to experience Tekirdag Raki, becoming a legend from the very first day of its innovation. The unique sound design and music added a very strong expression to the whole story.

On January, the video was aired along with several print ads directing the audience to the website and was spreaded on various social media channels.

Microsite received 100.000 visits in two weeks. Beautifully crafted video made users stay on the site.

Besides, the video was actively shared on social networks. Right after uploading the video to social networks, users have started to spread and share it with a wom effect. During the first weeks video had 2.200 impressions per hour.

The buzz had reached such a high level that the total plays of video on social networks tripled the number of plays on the microsite.


Agency President : Alemsah Ozturk
Technical Director: Omer Bilge Ersoy
Creative Director: Seren Koroglu
Art Director: Mert Uzer
Illustration : Selcuk Oren
2D, 3D Animation: Mert Uzer, Gokhan Tekin, Alper Sarıkaya
Sound Design: Zeynep Bozok
Project Manager: Zeynep Çakmakci
McCann Creative Team : Gokan Yucel, Orgut Cayli, Mustafa Tunc, Deniz Coskun
McCann Brand Managers : Ezgi Baripoglu, Selcan Gulcu, Bilge Ertem

41? 29!

Location: Turkey