The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Sports Website was a site firmly rooted in the early 90s - it was poorly designed, difficult to navigate, nearly impossible to update, offered no value to the company's target audience of sports card collectors, and provided no connections to current news or social media. The redesigned site needed to be visually interesting while containing connections to social media and offering sports card collectors access to the newest releases as well as to previously released products.

The new developed by Overdrive provides both the casual and hard-core sports and entertainment card collectors with access to more than fifty years of card content. This access is provided in an easily understandable interface that is consistent across all product lines and that conveys the excitement of the iconic Topps sports and entertainment brands. Behind the scenes, Topps now has the ability to easily update their site and to respond in near real-time to events in the sports world. Finally, the new site design allows Topps to grow their social media presence by leveraging their content to attract a new generation of sports and entertainment card collectors.


Director, Interactive: Andrew Abrahams
Design Director: Nate Cameron
Graphic Artist: Dave Kavaler
Lead Programmer: Jesse Weisbeck
Programmer: Eddie Kennedy
Account Executive: Emily Cruz
Sr. Account Director: David Gibson


Location: USA