The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
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Best Political Website

The revamped Unshackle Upstate website is a welcome improvement over the previous version: It serves as a robust Political Action tool that Educates and Engages the taxpayers of New York State to Join Up, Speak out, and Take Action.

The goal of Unshackle Upstate (UU) is to educate New York taxpayers on state laws, regulations and governmental practices that hold back the New York State economy. UU offers solutions that will lead to jobs and revitalize the state. As a result of educating taxpayers on the issues and solutions, UU hopes to instill a sense of urgency in the mind of every taxpayer, so that they take action to grow the reach of the organization.

Serving to engage New York taxpayers as a Political Action tool, this new site encourages desired political behavior through the following:

- Transformed complex political Memos, Whitepapers and Policy Agenda content and related sections into streamlined format with download and social sharing buttons to spread the message

- Streamlined CMS allows UU to update its community on breaking news in real-time. In addition to the News, Press Release, and Blog sections, the site can report on breaking news from the Homepage in a dynamic “Breaking News” ticker

- Clean, on-brand, visually appealing design and user experience presents content in an engaging way

- Prominent call to action buttons that allow visitors to easily take action and Join the Army, Donate, or Send a Message.

-On site, secure Donation form facilitates increased financial support


Stephen Konar: Project Manager
Shaun Campos: Account Executive
Andrew Abrahams: Director of Interactive Services
Eddie Kennedy: Developer
David Kavaler: Senior Interactive Designer


Location: USA