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Best Non-profit Website

SankyNet originally rebranded the Citymeals website in 2006. Following several successful years of fundraising, we revisited the site to bring Citymeals up to date with cutting-edge technology and give them the latest in web design.

The Citymeals website employs a clean design and elegant photography to engage a wide variety of users, including donors, volunteers, and meal recipients. We built the site in a Drupal CMS system that will allow for continued growth and adaptation to evolving technology, particularly when considering Citymealsí various event promotions. Visitors needed to be able to easily find information and painlessly register for events, so we created event modules for ticketing.

Throughout the site, large, simplistic icons carry forth the new brand and neatly categorize information, and the bold colors used on hover states increase interactivity. Actions such as signing up for email, donating, and sharing via social media are reinforced as the user scrolls down.

As the focal point of the homepage, the large graphic slider draws the userís attention towards a donation pathway, meal recipient stories, important events and more. We chose to use close-up images of the elderly to bring out the deeply personal element of Citymealsí mission.

The website also includes a ďGet MealsĒ functionality where visitors can be quickly and easily connected to vital meals through a zip code field. The potential meal recipient simply inputs his or her zip code to find the nearest meal center. Meal eligibility is clearly stated and accessible, enabling elderly New Yorkers to find what they need in just a few short steps.


SankyNet Team


Location: USA