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Best Non-profit Online Newsletter Campaign

The National Urban League is a civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment in order to elevate the standard of living in historically underserved urban communities.

NUL is known for having a finger firmly on the pulse of politics, and their eNewsletter reflects their engagement with the news cycle. The “Opening ReMarcs” and “To Be Equal” sections help develop a brand for the organization, develop a strong tone, and make use of NUL President Marc Morial’s high-profile status in the realm of advocacy.

The eNewsletter has also served the larger goal of integrating two distinct audiences: supporters of its initiatives and its traditional audience. By reinforcing the overarching goals of National Urban League, we were able to create continuity between the different brands.

A balance of opportunities to engage via news, resources, and donation pathways, the newsletter is designed to mix up content in a way that is visually interesting and never repetitive. Readers get a sense of the broad scope of NUL’s work from the categorization of content, yet the design is fluid enough that these areas can be edited, removed, or added to from month to month.

Each issue ends with a “What do you think?” section, where readers answer a provocative and timely current events question. Once they click on a button, they are taken to a landing page where the results of the quiz are aggregated.


SankyNet Team


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