The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Website

The Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach is an upscale resort located in Hollywood, Florida. Although the property had an independent website, it did not convey the hotel’s unique, contemporary style and it was not well optimized for search. Milestone developed a search optimized website for the hotel following sophisticated search engine guidelines to enhance its performance and drive traffic for the hotel.

Milestone’s strategy for the hotel included:
1. Keyword research – based on the location and other demand generators in the market.
2. Search engine optimized content - each webpage focuses on a unique keyword theme serving as individual virtual sales people for different market segments.
3. Website search optimization – used several unique strategies to develop keyword-rich meta-tags for every page of the website.
4. Website design and programming – using the latest Google webmaster and SEO guidelines.
5. Strategic online marketing - comprise of promoting the site on multiple online channels.
6. Web 2.0 Integration – including search optimized e-calendar, search crawlable e-coupon, optimized photo-gallery, mobile site, and integrated social media suite.

Since the site launched in August 2011, the property has seen amazing results. Within the first five months, the website has attracted 69,100 visitors. Furthermore, the website ranks highly for very competitive keywords such as “hollywood florida hotel”, in which the website is #1 (in organic search) out of over 35 million competing sites. Four of the website’s images rank within the top 15 of 3.5 million competing Google images for the competitive keywords “Hollywood Florida beach hotel.”


Senior Account Manager: Nelson Toriano
Director of Client Services: Zulema Romero
Creative Director: Han Nguyen
Development Manager: Benu Aggarwal
Sales Manager: Julie Chapman
Client - Director of Sales & Marketing: Misty Polihronakis


Location: USA