The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Outstanding Website

Challenge: Gatorade wanted a mobile site that not only reached the cell-phone savvy teen athlete, but also spoke their language.

Solution: Instead of just stripping-down the current site, we developed a navigation style that mimicked the way people actually use smart phones.

This seamless interface made it easy for athletes to navigate the site and quickly get to the information they needed.

Results: By playing off users actual phone behaviors, we made it possible for teen athletes to get what they wanted, how they wanted it no matter where they were.


Chief Creative Office: Debbi Vandeven
Group Creative Director: Tony Snethen
Associate Creative Director: Aaron Weidner
Associate Creative Director: Chad Green
Senior Copywriter: Allison Pierce
Senior Copywriter: Joel Henning
Copywriter: Jonathan Vigliaturo
Developer: Joe Longstreet


Location: USA