The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2013 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.


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Best Non-profit Online Newsletter Campaign, Best Of Show Online Newsletter Campaign

The WWF sends out campaign emails as a supplement to its regular newsletters to communicate urgently on especially acute and time-sensitive issues and generate donations for a given project. First and foremost, the email campaign's purpose was to generate donations by raising awareness in an emotionally powerful manner about the endangerment of wildlife species.
However, the campaign emails in use were very text-heavy with very little visual content, falling far below the expectations of WWF Germany.
On behalf of the organization, rabbit eMarketing completely revamped the email format, in terms of both design and content, to increase significantly the success of these email campaigns.
The open rate increased from 20% to a constant 27%. The click-through rate doubled from 5 to 9.89%.
Of particular note is that donations generated from the newsletter are 14% higher than other methods for generating donations. This suggests that the newsletter is especially effective in emotionally connecting with recipients and greatly increases the willingness to donate.
33% of all newsletter readers also donated, which is well above the norm.
An especially nice side effect is that donations are still generated from an email even months after it has been sent. Recipients keep the newsletter and read it again after some time and decide to make a donation.
The above-average readiness to donate in all areas created by the campaign and its excellent open and click-through rates demonstrate that even in times of economic crisis, a well-designed email is able to persuade people to donate.


Director Internet, WWF Germany: Sönke Kranz
E-Mail Marketing Consultant, rabbit eMarketing: Emily Sidka
E-Mail Marketing Consultant, rabbit eMarketing: Cüneyt Akan
Graphic Designer, rabbit eMarketing: Clemens Praetorius
Copywriter, rabbit eMarketing: Torsten Burgmaier


Location: Germany