The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Insurance Mobile Application

GEICO Mobile Virtual Assistant, Lily offers a new and exciting way to handle insurance business via your smartphone. Lily has a magnetic personality; shes incredibly helpful and full of insurance knowledge. Today, she can interactively assist you with paying a bill and also navigate you to 75 other locations within the app, which includes frequently asked questions. On a lighter note, she engages customers with cheerful commentary on the Gecko and Maxwell to further infuse the GEICO brand into the mobile and virtual experience.

Additionally, we have worked this past year in a top rated mobile experience for our customers with easy and convenient ways to view their digital insurance card, pay a bill, get roadside help and file a claim.

Check out the Maxwell mobile spots. It's a tap away on the GEICO mobile app.


GEICO Internet Business Unit AVP: Steve Smith
GEICO Mobile Director: Peter Meoli
GEICO Mobile Manager: Matt Slocum
GEICO Mobile Manager: Eran Rosenberg
GEICO Mobile Manager: Derek Switzer
GEICO Mobile Development Lead: Anthony James
GEICO Mobile Analyst Lead: Carolyn Tran
GEICO Mobile Analyst: Jenae Griffin
GEICO Mobile Analyst: Nicole Weaver
GEICO Mobile Analyst: Linda Smith


Location: US