The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2015 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Entertainment Website

Questus developed Flyover Studios' first web presence, with the goal to allow potential business partners and viewers to connect with the brand. The site needed to be clean, simple and high impact, while also creating a deep emotional connection that surprised and delighted partners & viewers with fun and had a spirit of adventure. The site had to deliver on the Flyover Studios branding according to the Flyover Studios Brand Story and Brand Style Guide. Upon launch, the presence will add instant credibility to their brand. It should clearly illustrate their mission, values & team, plus showcase their original programming, projects in development & also past success.

Flyover's primary audience is potential business partners, which include networks (broadcast, cable, digital distributors), writers, producers, talent, and even future members of the Flyover Studios team. Their secondary audience is made up of consumers, also called viewers.


Jordan Berg: Partner
Debbie Dumont: VP, Client Services
Adela Chung: Project Manager
Chelsea Martell: Associate Creative Director
Jon Clifton: Sr. Copywriter



Location: USA

About the Agency:

Questus is a full-service digital agency. We don’t follow the rules. We reinvent them. We’re digital natives. We started back when the web was still fresh, still uncharted territory. Without the old guard playbook to guide us, we used the skills we had at hand: Logic. Curiosity. Empathy. Imagination. So our passions are dedicated to all the things we can do, instead of everything we can’t. And our imaginations aren’t restricted by the knowledge of what’s been done before. Our aim is to bring authenticity and transparency to the party. No longer just moving products off shelves but moving people to action. Not persuading them but empowering them to be the best they can by building experiences that hit home and ring true. That inspire trust. Change conviction. And possibly, even help change the world for good.