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Best Bank Online Newsletter Campaign, Best Of Show Online Newsletter Campaign

Since Town & Country Bank's opening in 2008, its electronic newsletter ("The Town Crier") has appeared front and center on the bank's home page, found at While a past edition of the bank's newsletter is shown via the URL of Entry (above), the current edition appears on the bank's home page, and all previous editions are also easily accessible on the News page of the website. Further, newsletters are e-mailed directly to customers, staff members and shareholders of the bank.

The purpose of the newsletter is to showcase the prodigious amount of work being done by the single-office bank and its staff within the community, convey the strengths of one the the perpetually best-performing banks in the nation (in order to retain and secure new business), set the bank apart from competitors, and provide other information. The fact that the newsletter is one of the first items seen on the bank's home page serves as a unique marketing tool. We are not aware of other banks that use such placement. Many customers report that the newsletter was influential in their decision to bank with Town & Country as they investigated the bank on the internet. Most customers also report that they have never seen a newsletter from other banks. Other customers who have seen competitor newsletters say that unlike the one or two-page boring newsletter they have been accustomed to, the Town & Country Bank newsletter is cleverly written, eye-catching/entertaining, and informational. It generally runs 8-10 pages.

From a design standpoint, the retro look is intentional to be fully congruent with the bank's popular retro branding (see website).

(The uploaded graphic image asked for below portrays only the first page of the newsletter)


President/CEO: Bruce T. Jensen


Location: USA

About the Agency:

St. George, Utah-based Town & Country Bank opened in 2008, and has emerged as one of the most consistently profitable banks in the U.S. In 2015, only 161 banks out of 6,163 banks had a higher Return on Assets. The bank is known for its many competitive differentiators and its high level of customer service. Town & Country was one of the first banks in the nation to combine the roles of teller, new accounts rep and customer service agent into a single position. It was an early adopter of debit cards rewards, and it visits business customers onsite to collect non-currency deposits, provide notary service and deliver documents. The bank holds weekly in-bank concerts and has established a cult-like customer following. In 2015, the bank's president was named "CEO of the Year" by Utah Business magazine, "Community Banker of the Year" by Western Independent Bankers Association and "Community Banker of the Year-Western Region" by Independent Community Bankers of America. Last year, Town & Country was also Utah's top Small Business Administration 7(a) Lender in the Small Bank Category.