The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2016 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Non-profit Interactive Application, Best Of Show Interactive Application

For many years the Belgian organization Child Focus has been fighting against the spread of child sexual abuse images online. Recently Child Focus obtained a mandate to investigate the reported cases. But we needed to increase the number of reported cases. We discovered a twofold challenge: - Looking away If people come across child sexual abuse material online they mostly feel disgusted and want to get it away as soon as possible. It is a natural reaction to immediately close your browser and to look away. This way the material stays online. - Taboo Watching porn still remains a taboo. If you report the source of child sexual abuse material you often have to admit that you were watching porn. Everyone wants to join the fight against child pornography, we need to tell people how they can help us. Everyone has to pay attention and report immediately if they ever come across child sexual abuse material. It is a natural reaction to click away but we would like to point out that clicking away does not make it go away. Every lead helps.


Associate Creative Director: Manuel Ostyn
Associate Creative Director: Pieter Staes
Account Manager: Jentina Van Eynde
Art Director: Kate Bellefroid
Copywriter: Jolien Tuyteleers
Strategy: Katleen De Vlieger & Tallita Ortiz de la Torre
Content Management: Geerlinde Pevenage & Marijke Vissers
Production/development: Sam Serrien, Peter Clijsters, Lieven Eulaers & Stijn Janssens


Location: Belgium