The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Non-profit Rich Media Online Ad

In 2016, truth® continued its history of hacking popular culture to talk to teens about tobacco. To capture their attention and rally them behind the cause, they had to reframe the risks of smoking in a way that affects teens now – not fifty years from now.

truth® repositioned the risks of smoking by connecting them to the things that matter most to teens. Given that 60% of millennials own a pet, truth® thought teens might like to know just how much smoking could affect their beloved animals. Armed with the insight that cats and dogs are twice as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes, truth® presented a world that no teenager or millennial could possibly imagine: one without cat videos. Because if smoking = no cats, then smoking = no cat videos. And that’s a real #CATmageddon.

To address this in an interactive way, truth® worked with true[X]’s 100%-viewable engagement technology. #CATmageddon ran on some of true[X]’s top on-demand television content partners, including Fox Networks Group, Viacom, and Hulu.

Viewers were even given a mid-roll option to choose whether they would like to continue the episode they were watching with regular commercial breaks, or to interact with the #CATmageddon engagement unit. The unit allowed viewers to customize a cat picture or take a picture of their cat and share it as their way of preventing #CATmageddon.

The overall results were strong, with 4.2% social shares and 0:58 time spent, all above benchmarks which helped to drive more engagement and awareness of truth®’s message.


Brand Director at 72andSunny: Kristine Soto
Managing Director, Digital Marketing at truth initiative: Dionisios Favatas
VP Creative Strategy at true[X]: Alanna Strauss
Art Director at true[X]: Cara Albanese
Art Director at true[X]: Matt Gallo
Sr. Creative Strategist : Matt Brown
Account Manager: Joseph Matarazzi
VP, Integrated Communications, Director at Assembly: Michael Kotick


Location: United States