The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Non-profit Website

Our goal was for The Henry Ford (THF), an 80-year-old historical cultural institution, to embrace digital to become a content publisher and center for innovation. To accomplish this, THF needed to embrace the connected consumer to deliver a world-class user experience no matter the location and device. This meant blending the physical and digital spaces to create an experience that works for both those who can reach an artifact and those who are looking at it from afar.

There are 54,000 pages on the, all of which are responsive and rich in visual design and deliver an amazing customer experience across many digital channels and devices. We brought THF’s collection of 56,000 artifacts, innovations, and stories to life, and using meta data (connections, date, innovator, region, etc.), presented them as single, sharable digital “artifact cards” that tell powerful and portable stories. The project also involved enhanced geolocation maps that show routes and destinations in precise detail and robust search tools that simplify discovery. We launched distinct branded content in the form of a video series and a narrative series on inventors and their inventions. We also included integrated analytics to evaluate the performance of this and all other content across the site. Lastly, we monetized the collection of assets THF possesses, to build a new revenue stream, effectively funding future innovation.

These enhancements resulted in a 24% increase in online revenue, 11.14% growth of online visitors and a 19% increase in conversion rates.


Project Manager/General Manager: Denise Evers and Steve Glauberman
Content Strategy: Meghan O’Meara and Ami Walsh
Creative/UX: Dwayne Raupp and Krysta Stone
CX Strategy: Laurel Erickson
Design: Dan Kennedy and Andrew Hainen
Engineering : Pete Ferraro, Adam Kempa, Ryan Anderson, Karen, Ford, Bryce Taylor
QA: Sangeeta Khalsa, Matt Mettam, Steve Pheley, Nadine Giusca, Rob Asher
Server Support : Tony Giusca
Analytics: Josh Angott
SEO: Ken Freel


Location: United States