The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Automobile Online Campaign, Best Of Show Online Campaign

The past decade the Mazda brand suffered a lack of appreciation in the 18-35 target group. Young people felt it was a brand with cars for older people. The last years however the complete line-up had changed and it was time to bring Mazda back to the attention of a younger audience. That’s why Mazda started a partnership with Tomorrowland, the biggest and most spectacular dance festival in the world. We had to find a relevant and eye-catching way to communicate this partnership to the music-loving public.


Client Marketing Manager: Joachim Sas
Creative Director: Sam De Volder
Creation: Gertjan De Smet, Tomas Van Loon
Strategic Planner: Toon Diependaele
Account Managers: Seppe Dogge, Tom Thijs
Design: Jeroen Michiels
Development: Veerle Struyf, Bram Verdyck, , Olivier Berger (Head of Innovation)
Creative Technologists: Jorne Schaefer, Lieven Eulaers, Sam Serrien (Chief Technologist)
Production: Geert Geuten (Producer), Michael Bombeeck (Film Director), Mojuice (Production Company)
Sound Engineer: Erik Griekspoor


Location: Belgie