The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Non-profit Social Media Campaign, Best Of Show Social Media Campaign

Most Europeans think sexual exploitation of children only comes in far away countries in Asia or South-America. They don’t realise it’s also happening close to home. Where kids like their own can also fall victim to grooming by criminal organisations or for example loverboys. Child Focus, the Belgian center for Missing Children, wants to create awareness about this horrifying fact. Our goal was to open the debate on this unspeakable truth. By making people aware of sexual exploitation of minors in Europe. The double challenge to overcome: - It has to be a single-day-campaign on the 18th of November, European Day against sexual exploitation of children. - There is no media budget at all, so free publicity AND people sharing the message are mandatory. The audience? All Belgian adults, with specific attention for parents and grandparents. People who already like to share pictures of their children on facebook, but with quite a different message this time.


Creative Director: Pieter Staes, Manuel Ostyn
Creatives: Bram Van Looveren, Joeri Quinet
Head of Art: Max Heirbaut, Sebastien Greffe
Designer: Nathalie Wlostowski, Sander De Smedt
Account manager: Seppe Dogge
Strategy: Julie Bogaerts
Development: Veerle Struyf, Jill Van Reeth
Social Media Marketeer: Chloé Van Elsen
Solution Architect: Stijn Janssen


Location: Belgie