The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Movie Rich Media Online Ad, Best Of Show Rich Media Online Ad

Chances are, your average moviegoer is familiar with the most famous comic book heroes and villains like Batman and The Joker. Now, suppose there’s a summer blockbuster filled with characters known only to dedicated comic fans – characters like El Diablo, Enchantress, and Rick Flag. How do we get a moviegoing audience familiar with these lesser-known anti-heroes?

That was the challenge behind true[X]’s engagement for Suicide Squad. When our unit ran, millions of people had seen the film’s trailer. But our interactive canvas took it a step further by giving all 10 squad members a chance to shine beyond what users already knew.

We built a memory game unit incorporating iconography from the film, relying on our users’ sense of competition to find a matching pair of characters’ photos. Upon a correct match, users saw a character bio, allowing each member of the Suicide Squad to tell their story. Now, interested fans could tell their Killer Crocs from their Slipknots.

The result? Users spent 62 seconds in our unit, interacting 12.3 times. We also had an impressive video completion rate of 96%.


Creative Strategist at true[X]: Brian Cullen
Art Director at true[X]: Matt Gallo
VP Creative Strategy at true[X]: Alanna Strauss
Account Manager at true[X] : Joseph Matarrazi


Location: United States