The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Real Estate Social Media Campaign

Canvas is a new form of mobile advertising offered by Facebook. GTMA created a custom Canvas campaign to show our client partners and future client partners how we could use Canvas on THEIR behalf to market apartments. We basically used Canvas to advertise our creative services using Canvas on clients behalf. Get it? So meta!

The link we've provided is to a blog article that shows off the Canvas we produced. We can't send you the actual Canvas ad and show off the campaign because it can only be seen on the mobile version of Facebook. UNLESS, you would like to be added as an Advertiser to our account and then we can share the experience with your mobile Facebook app. Let us know if that's how you want to see the campaign.

In terms of the results, we targeted future clients in cities all over the country and have received unbelievable engagement, positive feedback and lots of new business.


Host / Writer: Joshua Swanson
Director: Jason Naumann
Cinematographer: Kevin Sambells
Art Director: Pete Schwartz
Social Advertising Specialist: Lee Pham


Location: USA

About the Agency:

GTMA is a storytelling agency managing the digital presence of over $2.5 billion in multifamily real estate located all over the United States.