The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Outstanding Website

Our audience is everyone in the community in which McLeod Health's seven hospitals and their staff of over 8,000 serves. Today, McLeod Health's service areas stretch over 18 counties in North and South Carolina. When it comes to receiving the best health care in this region, many residents believe that you have to travel all the way to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston – or Duke Health in Durham, North Carolina. For those living in the middle of the state, this could mean a 5-hour round trip. Our goal in designing the new website for McLeod Health was to elevate the McLeod Health brand to look and feel as cutting edge as the medical excellence that they offer to the community. We did this with innovative CSS and UX design. A customized search engine was created for the FIND A DOCTOR functionality to give users all the content they are looking for, with as few clicks as possible. The website's ongoing 'movement' within its design helps give a sense that McLeod Health and its team are constantly in action and in motion – working their hardest at delivering quality care. For mobile, our goal was to take full advantage of mobile device features and how users interact with these devices. Using analytics from McLeod Health's old site, we put all the tools that customers most desired – within a thumb's reach. Essentially creating a 'remote control' for better health, via McLeod's website design and their medical excellence.


Interactive Creative Director & Web Designer: Pat Harris
IT Director & Dev Ops Manager: Dana McDonald
UX & Web Content Strategist: Danielle Welch
SEO Specialist: Laura Tyler, Gracin Watson, Sabrina Dorfman
Copywriter: Laura Tyler, Randy Gerber
Executive Account Director: Laura Tyler
Account Executive : Daniel Monroe
Video Director : Michael Tidwell
Digital Artist : Terry Johnson, Chris Vestal, Steve Ellwood



Location: USA

About the Agency:

LHWH has been a leading full service marketing firm in the Carolinas since 1987. We attract top talent from all over the country. That past experience complements our own core concentration in medical, tourism and food industry related clients. You can learn more about our thought process, brand personality and quality of our work at our website.