The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2018 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
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Best Financial Services Online Video, Best Investment Online Video

The Press-Play Series – Many investment related topics, especially within the context of managed futures, can be overwhelming. Fully recognizing this, we’ve created The Press Play Series, a campaign designed to explain complicated topics in an engaging, succinct, and simplified manner.

Note from Equinox Funds: One of the greatest challenges faced by Financial Advisors is attracting new business (clients). As we took a closer look, we found that many Advisors run into a common objection when attempting to engage new clients, and even retain current clients: “Why should we hire you and pay you to you manage our account when we can do it ourselves?” This is most evident during long-standing bull markets, in which many investors attempt to go it alone and manage their own portfolio. However, over time, as is the case with financial markets, volatility will spike and things won’t always be so rosy. During times of financial market stress there are several cognitive biases that plague all of us as humans, and ironically, one of these is claiming that cognitive biases won’t affect “me.” The Investor Behavior video, of The Press Play Series, presents these biases, describes their potential pitfalls, and how working with a tenured, trusted, and reliable Financial Advisor can help neutralize some of these biases by removing investor emotion.


Marketing Director: Corey Keating
Art Director: Robyn Klem
Marketing Coordinator: Mariana Bagneris
Designer: Jennifer Yacoub



Location: United States

About the Agency:

Evolving with investors. We believe managed futures are the single most powerful diversifier for a portfolio of stocks and bonds. Building on that principle–our mission is simple–to bring the potential benefits of alternatives to individuals and institutions through a diverse set of investment strategies designed to meet the unique goals of each investor.