The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2018 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Healthcare Provider Online Campaign

Nicklaus Children’s hospital had aggressive goals to grow online appointment requests. Targeting parents of children needing pediatric health care services, Nicklaus Children’s partnered with Rise to build a personalized programmatic remarketing campaign to create a more relevant online experience. Given the prevalent Hispanic patient-base, it was critical that the ad experience was personalized to both English and Spanish speaking audiences.

Rise’s proprietary Connex Personalization technology drove a 23% lift in conversions over the June-December 2017 test period. Lift was measured via a test and control audience split, where the group exposed to personalized ads had a 23% stronger conversion rate than the audience exposed to a non-personalized ad. The 3 keys to success with this campaign were:

1.) Ad units (creative): Rise created ad units that had flexibility to personalize across several elements: ad copy for 50 sub-specialty services, two languages for ad copy (English or Spanish), while also featuring a variety of lifestyle imagery. Rise’s ad creative technology supported this complex and personalized campaign at scale for over 1,500 potential creative variations.

2.) Audience Targeting: Rise’s personalization technology used machine learning to serve the most relevant ad experience to an individual user. Based on past audience performance data and user onsite behavior, Rise’s personalization recommendation engine provided a unique, 1-to-1, relevant message to each user.

3.) Landing Page Relevance: Users who clicked-through on a sub-specialty service specific ad were brought to a landing page that matched the service and language (English or Spanish) of the ad served.


Web Marketing Manager: Roberto Prieto
Associate Director of Account Management: Matt Kent
Senior Creative Strategist: Katie Muenck


Location: United States