The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2018 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Home Building Interactive Application, Best Of Show Interactive Application

The home building sector is part of the $1.2 trillion construction industry (US-based data), making it one of the largest industries in North America. However, unlike other industries, it has been slow to innovate its marketing and supply chain practices.

Through market research in 2017, we concluded that there were various web applications in the industry from CRMs to inventory softwares, to virtual reality 360 degree solutions, however, there was no current market leader in the home building sector for an application that allows consumers to build their own home from the comfort of their own computer.

Consumers using web applications to build out and customize desired products to fit their needs is not unusual in the marketing world. For instance, you’ve probably been to car manufacturing websites where you can build out your own vehicle. This type of practice hasn’t been applied successfully yet to the home building industry, and for that reason, Wastell Homes engaged tbk Creative, an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency (with gratitude, tbk Creative has been awarded 13x IAC Awards and WebAwards to date), to solve this marketing and technological challenge.

Wastell Homes engaged tbk Creative to develop a sophisticated and innovative web application that would allow consumers to build their own home online, hence, initializing the purchase process from the comfort of their own current residence.

We humbly present this web application to the IAC Awards judging panel for consideration for best-in-class in the format and category of "Interactive Home Building Application".


Principal Owner: Sue Wastell, Wastell Homes
Principal Owner: Doug Wastell, Wastell Homes
Chief Creative Officer & CEO: Melissa McInerney, tbk Creative
VP, Digital: Michael Ramsey, tbk Creative
VP, Technlology: Andre Lefort, tbk Creative
Director, Digital Operations: Amanda Tadgell, tbk Creative
Director of Accounts: Kylie McConnell, tbk Creative
Sr. Graphic Designer: Serj Kozlov, tbk Creative



Location: Canada

About the Agency:

Founded in 2010 and with approximately 40 staff members tbk is a marketing and software company that builds some of Canada's highest quality web design, branding, digital marketing and software solutions. With 29 service lines, tbk helps its clients successfully compete in local, regional and global marketplaces.