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Best Automobile Integrated Ad Campaign

The all-new 2018 Toyota C-HR poised to launch in formidably competitive market where brand disloyalty was rife, with entry-level SUV’s gnawing at style space. 55% of competition touted all-wheel drive, which C-HR lacked.

Business Objectives
Drum up excitement and capture considerable chunk of entry-SUV market.
Woo young multicultural first-time buyers-fold them into Toyota brand.
Emphasize C-HR’s styling, crisp handling and safety.
Offset SUV’s lack of all-wheel drive with segment-leading standard safety firsts.

The Strategy
A cross-tier strategy developed offering marketing support for multiple Toyota Dealer Associations (TDAs) and hundreds of dealers across the country.

Our target perceived themselves stylish band of doers, ringleaders and trendsetters—much like this expressive SUV. So the creative strategy reached out to them in the evocative and universal language of Emojis—communicating versatility across varied contexts and cultures. Particularly relevant was the fact that Emojis were taking center stage in pop culture as future form of expression.

An engaging lead piece heralded the multifaceted ride, featuring an iconic medley of quirky characters that mirrored our multifaceted target.

There were three main elements of the campaign launch: First a targeted initial ‘trigger’ email to spread awareness and send traffic to a second element – a custom Toyota CH-R microsite. The consumers encouraged to schedule a test drive and browse local dealer's inventory via the exclusive microsite. The third launch element was a targeted follow-up drip email to consumers who engaged in the initial email and microsite. Goal was to re-engage these consumers and close the deal on a new Toyota CH-R.

To execute the vision, the teams produced content and deployed strategic marketing communications many months before the campaign started. This long-term thinking required careful coordination with over 200 dealer clients to ensure the launch was executed to plan.

The Results:
238 dealerships participated in program
6 TDAs
65 new C-HR Sales
$979,836 in revenue
2,344 total new Toyota Sales
195,254 opens by new & existing customers
46,722 unique clicks on C-HR microsite
1,612 engagers looked to schedule test drive
496 intenders searched inventory

The Toyota CH-R results demonstrate the effectiveness of this carefully executed integrated campaign.


Creative Strategy Direction, DSplus: Ro Vedant
Art Direction, DSplus: Luke Franz
Copywriting, DSplus: Marco Sodoma
Animation, DSplus: Paul Bastien
Account Management, DSplus: Brittany Anderson & Nicole Kittner
Project Management, DSplus: Alexa Wiles
Insights Manager, Outsell: Craig Vore
Production Coordinator, Outsell: Rhiannon Nelson
Front End Coder, Outsell: Heather Elliott and Ryan Linn
Senior Account Manager, Outsell: Betsy Habermann


Location: United States