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Best Advocacy Integrated Ad Campaign

Overall truth® goal: Wake teens up to Big Tobacco’s deadly targeting practices to underserved communities:
• In big cities, there are up to 10X more tobacco ads in black neighborhoods than other neighborhoods.
• LGBTQ are targeted by Big Tobacco, and LGBTQ youth are nearly 2x as likely to smoke.

Idea: Create authentic content that provokes social engagement. Nothing gets this generation of young people fired up like social injustice. Big Tobacco deliberately targeted society’s underdogs to trap them in addiction.

Execution: We created humorous, shareable pieces that gained positive reactions and social responses. The presentation married childhood nostalgia, a deadly and serious message, and an ironic tone.

truth® targets the 6% of teens who smoke and the 94% who will stand with them and against Big Tobacco. Media targeted P12 – 24. The campaign coincided with Pride Month. Reaching teens is essential since 90% of adult smokers start as teens, two-thirds of which become regular daily smokers before age 19.

The campaign was built for social amplification. It launched simultaneously on social (Adult Swim FB), a digital microsite, and on-air with exclusive truth®-owned commercial pod takeovers. These takeovers included: customized lead-ins with hidden truth® logos as Easter-eggs, the content pieces, followed by truth®’s national spot.

Results: Adult Swim generated +45MM impressions across all platforms/partners, outperforming prior year: 6x Impressions (+580%), 4x more reach (+367%) and 169% more engagement and interactions.

Turner’s Launchpad social amplification added 17.31MM Impressions, over-delivering on Video Views (+5MM), Engagement (+25K), and Reactions with 97.4% video completion.


Media Agency: Assembly Media
Production: Colossal Youth
Writer : Laura Sterrit
Producer: Vanessa Palacios


Location: USA