The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2019 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Restaurant Rich Media Online Ad, Best Of Show Rich Media Online Ad

There are a lot of frozen treats out there, and SONIC needed to break through the noise to make sure consumers knew about its Half-Price After 8 deals on shakes, floats, and slushes. Looking to build brand awareness, recall, and purchase intent, SONIC opted to reach them with an engaging, fun game that spanned digital platforms -- desktop, mobile, and for the first time connected TV. SONIC turned to true[X], its trusted partner in engagement advertising since 2016, to create an experience inspired by the classic ‘90s game “Bop It,” where players earn points by correctly responding to audio commands with corresponding gestures. Users could “shake,” “float,” and “ice cream slush” drinks at top speed to earn points -- get the gesture wrong, and you’re out. The experience involved using the mouse or trackpad on desktop, shaking a phone on mobile, and on connected TV using the Apple TV’s remote control to play the game -- making it the first-ever ad that took advantage of the gyroscope in a connected TV remote. This Q3 2018 campaign ran across Fox Networks Group’s digital properties, allowing consumers to interact with the experience for a minimum of 30 seconds in order to reduce their commercial load in exchange. Fans loved the SONIC game. 1/3 of desktop users opted to play it more than once. Across platforms, they spent an average 47 seconds with it. And it showed results, too: Brand preference went up 13% and purchase intent 12%. Now that’s a sweet deal.


Digital Content Manager, SONIC: David Patt
Advertising Production Coordinator, SONIC: Sonya Barrett
Senior Director Media & Multicultural Marketing, SONIC: Tamara Stanley
Digital Media Manager, SONIC: Beth Meier
Vice President, Media and Sponsorships, SONIC: Ralph Heim
Director, Creative Strategy, true[X]: Brian Cullen
Senior Art Director, true[X]: Cara Albanese
Senior Interactive Producer, true[X]: Aliza Olin
Product Manager, true[X]: Bren Yamaguchi
Digital Account Manager, Client Services, Fox Networks Group: Despina Petridis


Location: United States