The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2019 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Financial Services Website, Best Investment Website (OnAlts.) is a website designed to provide investment education to financial professionals and individual investors.

We have concluded that the greatest way to educate an audience is to package it in such a way that your audience is eager to consume it. This is accomplished by providing value without the expectation of anything in return. OnAlts. was designed on that premise.

In our due-diligence we found that asset managers have developed a tremendous amount of “value-add,” educational content, but there was a common underpinning to all of it—there was typically some sort of exchange required for the content. Maybe as innocuous as requiring a log-in (registering to be remarketed to) or it was as obvious as teeing up an investment challenge and then ushering in an underlying fund as the solution. Regardless, the “friction” or “sales,” of the value-add content ended up not being “free.”

We are certainly grateful for all of the business in our care and we hope that investors find the Equinox Funds product suite of enough value to start, or continue, doing business with us. That said, visitors can let their guard down. OnAlts. is not intended to sell you anything. OnAlts. was built with a different model in mind—to provide you non-product education and ask for nothing in return.


Marketing Director: Corey Keating
Graphic Design: Jennifer Yacoub



Location: United States

About the Agency:

Evolving with investors. We believe managed futures are the single most powerful diversifier for a portfolio of stocks and bonds. Building on that principle–our mission is simple–to bring the potential benefits of alternatives to individuals and institutions through a diverse set of investment strategies designed to meet the unique goals of each investor.