The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2019 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Food Industry Rich Media Online Campaign, Best Of Show Rich Media Online Campaign

“Are You Takis Enough?” To better reach a younger customer base inundated by increasingly cluttered online content, Takis wanted to deliver ad creative that jumped off of mobile phones just as its brightly-colored bags of chips jump off the supermarket shelf. To do so, Takis turned to two new content mediums: interactive 360° VR and 3D, thus launching the first-to-market 3D and 360° advertising campaign, launching three exciting and fresh experiences. In the 3D Display ad, users move their phones or click and drag on computer to play with a 3D model of the iconic bag of Takis chips.
 A 360° Dance Battle features high schoolers representing each chip flavor through different dance styles in a 360° video. An interactive 360° game allows users to search for hidden bags of Takis chips in a 360° video. Most brands who invest in immersive content just host the experience on their website or through an app that few people actually download. Takis knew that to scale its innovative content, the brand needed to distribute it across the web on targeted display and video pre-roll inventory thanks to its technology distribution partner, OmniVirt. The 3D experience boasted a 7.7% engagement rate. The Dance Battle boasted over 0.7% CTR, almost 4 times higher than the typical CTR for CPG display ads.


Head of Studios, OmniVirt: James Corbett
Supervisor, Starcom : Alison Dec
CEO, OmniVirt: Brad Phaisan
COO, OmniVirt: Michael Rucker


Location: United States