The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2019 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Hotel And Lodging Interactive Application

Waikiki Resort Hotel partnered with TravelClick to implement a new Website and Booking Engine to increase conversions, direct bookings and the average daily rate (i.e. guest spend) through their e-commerce channel without driving up their room prices. They implemented TravelClick’s iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0 application in late 2017, and immediately leveraged unique pricing and merchandising capabilities. By employing TravelClick’s private offers (i.e. member-only rates) capability, upselling capabilities and the promotions, Waikiki displayed advanced, attention-grabbing merchandising on their direct site, boosting their competitiveness with other channels.

Since beginning their Private Offers program, Waikiki has grown a following of 2,100 members who have logged-in to unlock a private rate. As a result, their Private Offers rates have become one of the top three rate plans booked on their site. Additionally, before switching to TravelClick, 66% of bookings through their website and booking engine were for the lowest tiered room category, “Standard.” However, after implementing TravelClick’s flexible upsell tools, merchandising and promotional rates on iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0, as well as social tags like ‘Most Popular Room’ and ‘Selling out fast,’ Waikiki was able to drive a significant increase in room upgrades, leading to their highest tiered room being booked 48% of the time, and driving a $30 increase in their average daily rate.

Overall, since switching to TravelClick’s iHotelier Booking Engine 4.0 application, Waikiki Resort Hotel has achieved a 644% increase in direct bookings, a $600,000 increase in annual revenue driven by direct bookings. Additionally, since launching their TravelClick responsive website, Waikiki Resort Hotel has seen an incremental 420% increase in mobile conversion.




Location: United States

About the Agency:

TravelClick offers innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions for hotels around the globe to maximize revenue. TravelClick enables over 25,000 customers to drive better business decisions and know, acquire, convert and retain guests. The Company’s interconnected suite of solutions includes Business Intelligence, Reservations & Booking Engine, Media, Web & Video and Guest Management. As a trusted hotel partner with more than 30 years of industry experience, TravelClick operates in 176 countries, with local experts in 39 countries and 14 offices in New York, Atlanta, Barcelona, Bucharest, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Orlando, Ottawa, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore. The Company also provides its hotel customers with access to a global network of over 600 travel-focused partners. Follow TravelClick on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.