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Best Travel Voice Skill Or Action

Contiki identified voice assistants as a huge opportunity to connect with their target market. There are a range of statistics that suggest Contiki’s customer base are the same consumers who engage most with voice technology. For example, this year it was reported that 45% of millennials use voice-enabled digital assistants while shopping. Another study says 47.4% of the smart home market comprises of 18 – 34 year-olds.

Contiki turned to FX Digital to make use of the skills of our talented voice experience designers and developers. Voice seemed like a natural channel to explore and with this came the idea for the  “Pack My Bags” Alexa skill. A simple, yet effective way to help young travellers pack for their adventures and a fantastic tool to expand Contiki’s brand reach. 

Contiki realised there was a demand from their customer base for assistance when they were packing for their travels. The opportunity was identified by researching the best performing content on Contiki’s publisher site Six-Two, which highlighted the need for utility content to enrich traveller’s experiences.

As part of the Contiki Cares initiative, Contiki were keen to include their message of environmentally conscious travelling. The “Pack My Bags” voice skill was designed to recommend products that are more sustainable, such as ocean-friendly sunscreen and discouraging the use of single-use plastics.

FX Digital set out to create a voice skill for Alexa that was both fun and useful for users, capturing Contiki’s youthful and exciting brand identity.


Head of content: Lottie Norman, Contiki
Product Marketing Copywriter: Dominic Oliver, Contiki
Design Project Manager: Bunty Partridge, Contiki
Global Travel Editor: Amy Bonifas, Contiki
Digital Analytics Manager: Irina Gorskaia, Contiki
Lead Voice Developer: Adam Rann, FX Digital
Junior Designer: Ben Cornhil, FX Digital
Project Manager: Luke Nutkins, FX Digital
Lead Designer: Chloe Smith, FX Digital
Creative Director: Tom Smith, FX Digital


Location: United Kingdom

About the Agency:

FX Digital is an award-winning digital agency specialising in TV Application Development and Voice Application Development, providing innovative solutions for brands looking to pioneer the latest technologies. We merge user-centred design with emerging technology to create meaningful connected experiences across Web, TV, Voice and Mobile. FX Digital thrives in the unknown, proposing innovative opportunities, solving problems and providing our clients with a vision of the future through a relentless research and development drive. We strive to create award-winning work with every project. Founded in 2011, R & D has underpinned FX Digital’s philosophy since its foundation, with our co-founders rapidly realising that to survive, thrive and grow in the digital world you can never standstill, but instead must constantly maintain an appetite for creativity & innovation. This evolution is evident in FX Digital’s body of work - as the agency grew from a web design business, we began to explore the opportunities offered by WebGL & 3D Websites, which has now developed into a greater focus on Voice projects and Connected TV Application development. Our recent projects include building an entirely new cross-platform TV App for Eurosport, one of the world's largest sports networks.