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Best Insurance Mobile Application, Best Of Show Mobile Application

The GEICO Mobile app, made for you.

GEICO Mobile is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and we aren't slowing down now. We built our app to be personalized to you, every step of the way. If you're shopping or looking to learn more about our products, we make it easy to get what's right for your life. Once you're part of the GEICO family, the app will greet you by name and you'll unlock all of the features of GEICO Mobile that are made for your policy. You get instant access to all of your policy info and details, and our personalized on-boarding experience guides you through any outstanding "next steps" you may have.

You can sign any required forms needed for your state, setup your billing preferences, and discover extra features that are valuable to you. If you need a reminder to change your oil, GEICO Mobile has your back. If you need help finding the cheapest gas when your tank is low, the Find Gas feature will show you a station nearby where you can save the most. We also know stuff happens in life, the good and not so good. GEICO Mobile has everything you need to manage your policy whether it's adding that shiny new car you bought or requesting roadside assistance after you got a flat tire on that road that hasn't been paved in years. GEICO Mobile was made to give you the best experience in the moments you need us most.


Mobile & Internet VP: Steve Smith
Mobile & Digital Experience Director: Peter Meoli
Digital Experience & Mobile Managers: Carolyn Tran, Adam Check, Gabe Jackson
Mobile Team Leads: Anthony James, Juliana Taylor, Jamie Sharp
Mobile Developers: Asim Qureshi, Austin Morgan, Bayardo Nunez, Cameron Mozie, Divya KC, Maxim Agapov
Mobile Developers: Mike Wideman, Stephen Borge, Tony Avella, Venky Maganahalli, Venu Nimmagadda
Mobile Product Analysts & Project Manager: Amanda Parkinson, Erika Towles, Lisa Krout, Sandy Weadon
Digital Experience & Team Leads: Dave Prescott, Caleb Stephens, Sandra Wingert, Brent Ruhle, Paul Millner
UX/UI Designers: Aleena Khan, Candice Middleton, Conner Arman, John Salmon, Lisa Newcomer, Pete Berlin, Sharon Shalvi
Mobile Product Marketer, Analyst, Developer, Copywriters: Madisen Farley, Carolyn McKinney, Jomar Thomas Almonte, Kevin Davis, Nate Erb


Location: US