The Web Marketing Association is proud to present this 2020 Internet Advertising Competition Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.



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Best Advertising Online Video, Best Government Online Video, Best Travel Online Video, Best Of Show Online Video

Finding Whelmed, a docu-style short, introduces an entirely new emotion that is known to currently exist only in Kissimmee—due to its perfect combination of relaxing and exciting activities. The film follows a travel show’s crew as they search for their host who’s gone AWOL since landing in Kissimmee. Rather than just telling our audience about the intriguing benefits of this particular vacation, Finding Whelmed takes them around the city, and they get to see the sights and even experience a bit of the one-of-a-kind feeling for themselves.

Whelmed couldn’t have emerged at a better time, as the stress and busyness in people’s lives has even crept into their vacations. Trips are important to take but hard to get right. Parents especially have a tendency to get too ambitious with their itineraries (they often over-schedule their families in day-to-day life too). And because Experience Kissimmee’s audience is largely made up of parents, we thought they were in need of a more balanced vacation. And we were right—a Vacation Pollfish Survey from 2019 revealed 79% of parents said they leave a vacation more in need of one than when they started out. That’s why it seems serendipitous there’s suddenly a destination where visitors won’t be overwhelmed—or even underwhelmed. The new emotion’s presence in Kissimmee helped the city shed its image as a gateway to other attractions and made it a clear (and ideal) destination. Because, really, you can only be perfectly Whelmed in Kissimmee, FL.


Vice President of Marketing & Communications: Jodi DiSalle
Brand Manager: Luis Rivera
Chief Creative Officer: Gavin Lester
Creative Director: Matt Sherman
Senior Copywriter: Kristi Lira
Senior Art Director: Julie Soluri
Account Director: Alyssa Tigue
Senior Producer: Autumn Childress
Director: Tyler Measom
Director of Photography: Luke Geissbuhler


Location: USA